With the way climate change is going, many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This comes with smaller feats like deciding what to do with our fireplace ash.

Typically, we just throw our fireplace ash out. This just adds to the growing trash in the landfills. So many of us wonder, can fireplace ashes be used for anything?

There are luckily many useful things to be done with fireplace ashes! From gardens to using to make things like lye!

Are fireplace ashes good for the garden?

Fireplace ashes have many uses inside your garden. This can make disposing of your ashes much easier since you can just put them out into your yard.

Ashes can help neutralize acidic compost. Compost with excessive nitrogen like chicken manure can be highly acidic. Neutralizing it by using ashes is good because acidic compost can burn your plants.

Ashes can also be used to help deter bugs from your garden. They do not like the ash and it often kills them because of the qualities it has. Ashes absorb the water from the bugs and dehydrate them to death.

Being able to naturally kill garden pests can help keep your family eating healthy foods!

Wood ashes can also be a great source of nutrients for your plants. It is high in lime and potassium which plants love!

Can you throw ashes in the garbage?

Ashes can be thrown inside your garbage .However, make sure the ashes are cooled before doing this.

Throwing away hot ashes into your garbage can cause a major fire if they catch anything. This can be very dangerous for your family.

Using ashes in your compost when it is cooled is a better way to use them. When we decide we need to reduce the amount of waste we produce, it is best to make smaller changes throughout your life.

Not tossing out your ashes can be a wonderful way to help reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Ashes can be used in other ways that are not throwing them away inside your garbage.

Another important consideration is if your chimney has been swept recently. An unswept chimney is unsafe for your family.