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For Advanced Fireplace Technicians, No Project Is Too Big

Here at Advanced Fireplace Technicians, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We’ve spent our time in the field perfecting our skillset to make sure the whole process is as painless as it can be for everyone involved.

We understand communication is important, even when it can be tough. For this reason, we make sure to call the day before an appointment, as well as 30 minutes before arrival to ensure we never catch you off guard. Our scheduling is very flexible, and we do our best to work around your schedule.

Advanced Fireplace Technicians of Lynn Haven only uses the best quality products available. Pairing this with the best training and technicians around makes sure that all our work is top-quality and built to last. To really hit that point home, we offer 10-year warranties on most of our repairs, and in the case of water leaks, we don’t require payment until it rains next. We know how volatile the weather is here in Florida, so we can wait until several rains if it makes you more comfortable. If there are any issues at all with the work we do, we will happily come take a look and figure out what went wrong, and how it happened.

Thanks for spending some time getting to know us here at Advanced Fireplace Technicians. Give us a call with the button below, fill out the contact form, or send us an email and we’d love to see how we can work with you today.


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Advanced Fireplace Technicians Lynn Haven turn key house chimney and fireplace
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Chimney Sweeps Lynn Haven Florida

Serving You for Over 30 Years

Advanced Fireplace Technicians has been in the business of serving people for over 30 years. Our team always prioritizes your needs and concerns because communication is necessary. Customers are most valuable to us, so building a relationship of trust is very important to us. Our team will always thoroughly explain what needs to be done and why to keep you informed. No chimney can be fully inspected for safety without getting on the roof, which is why we get up there every time, unlike some others. To help us find the root of any issues and comply with regulations, our technicians always do a 21-point safety inspection before working on any chimney. From simple inspections to complex repairs, AFT chimney sweep is here to help.

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Client Testimonials

“They came out to perform an inspection and sweep out my chimney so I could close on my home I would highly recommend. They did excellent work and kept everything so clean.”

Tanner T.

“The smell is finally gone thanks to these guys we had tons of bird droppings from nesting birds but once they where gone a good sweep and fumigation and it’s good as new. Thank you 🙏🏼”
Terrance G.

“He recommended some crown saver because the crown needed repair and they fixed it up the same day.”
Francis D.

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