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Smoke Stain Removal

No homeowner wants a fireplace littered with smoke and soot stains detracting from the decor of their home. But unfortunately, if you use your fireplace at all, some smoke is bound to stain your fireplace. But not for long with Advanced Fireplace Technicians smoke stain removal.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to choose between using your fireplace or having one that isn’t constantly dirty. Professional chimney sweeps like us specialize in removing soot stains so your fireplace always looks good.

Why Use a Professional Chimney Sweep

When you see soot or smoke on your fireplace, you can be tempted to try and remove these stains yourself. But while DIY cleanings can work well on mild stains, attempting to remove the toughest ones yourself can cause damage to your fireplace and home. Tough stains are stubborn and can seem impossible to remove. They require professional tools and techniques. Cleaners found at the hardware store contain chemicals and substances that can harm your skin. As well as damage the floors and walls surrounding your fireplace.

Professional chimney sweeps like us can remove the tough stains from your fireplace without damaging the surrounding furniture; our professional clean saves you the mess and hassle of attempting to do so yourself.

Trust Us to Take Care of Your Home

When we clean your fireplace, we’ll make sure to leave your home exactly how we found it. we protect your floors and furniture with tarps before we begin. This is in order to ensure your home remains in the best condition. Then we’ll remove even the toughest and oldest stains from your fireplace.

We are experienced fireplace cleaners and so we make minimal mess when doing smoke stain removal. We always thoroughly clean up before we leave. Once we leave, the only sign we were ever there will be your spotless fireplace.

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