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About AFT

Advanced Fireplace Technicians is a quality chimney sweep that services the Gulf Coast. Our experienced team knows that fireplaces and chimneys are important to maintaining, and we are dedicated to serving you. We are looking forward to providing you with excellent service, great professionalism, and a quality chimney sweep.  

Advanced Fireplace Technicians specializes in Creosote Removal, Animal Removal, Chimney/Fireplace Inspections, Water Leak Removal, Chimney Cap Installations and so much more.

Our team of advanced technicians brings great skill and guarantees you will be happy with our work. We use the best quality products to ensure safety and proper service.

With over 30 years of professional experience, Advanced Fireplace Technicians has been dedicated to serving you.

Why Hire AFT?

An important benefit of hiring a professional chimney sweep is safety. Additionally, another important goal of a chimney sweep is to keep his customers safe.

At Advanced Fireplace Technicians, our mission is to help. We will advise you of any issues with your chimney to help you make the best decisions for your home.

Likewise, our second main goal is to make sure there is no soot or creosote buildup. It is suggested that you get your chimney cleaned when just 1/8 of an inch of buildup is present.

Allow us to make this clear: if there is creosote buildup in your chimney greater than an eighth of an inch, it is putting your family and home at risk. as well as a great health hazard for you and your whole family.

Therefore, we use a special device that helps us see the inside of your chimney. While doing this, we look for any signs of buildup that could lead to a fire. If we do spot a sooty buildup, we will remove it so you can safely use your fireplace.

Winter House after chimney sweep