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For Advanced Fireplace Technicians, No Project Is Too Big

At Advanced Fireplace Technicians, our customers are the main priority. The service quality and response time we offer is unmatched in the chimney sweep industry.

We are devoted to professionalism and accept nothing short of excellence. With our easy appointment system, our pre-appointment call, and our customer service commitment, we are sure to exceed your expectations. Unlike our local competition, we only use the highest quality material and equipment to perform our services to ensure you only have to call us once.

We are the best chimney sweep in Lakeshore. We provide you with chimney inspections, fireplace repairs, water leak repair, and so much more. Additionally, no payment is required until the next time it rains to give you peace of mind. Best of all, our repairs have a 10-year warranty because we’re confident in our abilities.

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Hurricane Sally Damage

Did Hurricane Sally cause any damages to your chimney system? Do you have any water damage or leaks inside your chimney due to strong winds and heavy rainstorms? If you live in or around the Lakeshore, Mississippi area, and have recently noticed any chimney damages due to hurricanes, Advanced Fireplace Technicians can help provide all the chimney and fireplace services you need to get your chimney back to its best condition.

Advanced Fireplace Technicians offers Chimney Inspections, Chimney Sweeps as well as other Chimney Services in your area.

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Advanced Fireplace Technicians Hurricane Sally Mississippi Hurricane Damage

Some of Our Work

AFT installing a new chase cover ion Lakeshore
AFT chimney repair in Lakeshore
Advanced Fireplace Technicians inspecting a chimney in Lakeshore

Serving You for Over 30 Years

For over 30 years, Advanced Fireplace Technicians has provided our premium services to thousands of satisfied customers. Building a relationship with our customers is our main objective and that is why we have established the friendliest team possible whos sole purpose is to take care of customer needs and concerns. Our team will always explain to you what work needs to be done and why it needs to be done. To provide the premium quality service we offer, our technicians need to be able to get on to the roof of your home. By doing so, they can then perform a full 21-point safety inspection unlike most of our local competitors. Therefore, from simple tips to detailed advice, AFT chimney sweep is here to help!

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“Fair price and clean work done by the technicians. You can’t ask for more than that!”
Mike P.

“Great Service and they got my chimney swept, were neat and very friendly”
Brandy M.

“Scott did a great job! He’s very knowledgeable, professional, and works neatly. Thank you!!”
Rowan L.

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